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Alternative Therapies

Health consciousness encompasses a variety of factors that measure how concerned we are about maintaining good health. As an individuals becomes more health conscious, they are more likely to use a variety of allied health and therapeutic services, including physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, remedial massage therapy, occupational therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, myotherapy, and podiatry. 


Demand for allied health and therapeutic services tends to increase as patients grow older, hence given the ageing of our population, and increasing levels of health consciousness, demand for services is increasing.


Consistently evolving technology including artificial intelligence, 3D imaging and scanning, and mobile and wearable devices.

Digital and virtual health practitioner solutions that increasingly can be delivered from anywhere on the globe, to a generation of digital natives.

Evolving scope of practice, with practitioners needing to up-skill to meet changing community expectations for healthcare.

Big data driving decision making, which for those that have the capability, can improve efficiency and productivity at both a system and practice level.

Developing alternative models of funding, with a need to reduce the heavy reliance on private health insurance.

Changing social demographics, with an ageing population and escalating rates of chronic disease.


How do allied health and therapeutic service professionals become less reliant upon private health insurance, and diversify their sources of funding?

How do allied health and therapeutic service professionals provide more patient-centric care, and avoid commoditisation of healthcare?

How do allied health and therapeutic service professionals reduce cost of new patient acquisition, increase completion rates of treatment plans, and become more efficient in order to compete with virtual health services?


Vspry is a fresh and complementary source of allied health and therapeutic service funding, independent of government policy, and independent of private health insurers.

Vspry has the capacity to bring new health-conscious patients to your clinic without relying upon gimmicky insurer-driven incentives. 

Vspry can link a consumer's wellness plan to regular allied health and therapeutic practitioner visits, and increase the completion rate of treatment plans.

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