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We all deserve the best in dental and oral health care, yet 30% of us currently go without regular dental care due to cost, unavailability of services and other barriers. Good oral health is fundamental to overall health and wellbeing, and without it, our quality of life and the ability to eat, speak and socialise is compromised, resulting in pain, discomfort and embarrassment.

Ironically, many commentators observe that there is an oversupply of dentists, resulting in many new graduates working part-time, or as casuals. On the back of this oversupply, private health insurers have become involved in dentistry and have in some cases have begun to funnel patients into their own network of clinics, thereby reducing patient choice.


The power wielded by private health insurers is in part due to the fact that privately insured patients have lower rates (20%) of avoiding a dental visit due to cost than those without insurance (44%), in concert with insurers footing 25% of private dental bills. Like them or hate them, private insurers provide a river of money for dentists


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Consistently evolving technology including artificial intelligence, 3D imaging and scanning, and mobile and wearable devices.

Digital and virtual health practitioner solutions that increasingly can be delivered from anywhere on the globe, to a generation of digital natives.

Evolving scope of practice, as the profession up-skills itself to meet changing community expectations for healthcare.

Big data driving decision making, which for those that have the capability, can improve efficiency and productivity at both a system and practice level.

Developing alternative models of funding, with a need to reduce the heavy reliance on private health insurance.

Changing social demographics, with an ageing population and escalating rates of chronic disease



How do dental and oral health professionals become less reliant upon private health insurance, and diversify their sources of funding?


How do dental and oral health professionals provide more patient-centric care, and avoid commoditisation of healthcare?


How do dental and oral health professionals reduce cost of new patient acquisition, increase completion rates of treatment plans, and become more efficient in order to compete with virtual health services?



Vspry is a fresh and complementary source of dental and oral health funding, independent of government policy, and independent of private health insurers

Vspry has the capacity to bring new health-conscious patients to your clinic without relying upon gimmicky insurer-driven incentives. 

Vspry can link a consumer's wellness plan to regular dental and oral health visits, and increase the completion rate of treatment plans.

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