Self-health for your family

We give you the best way to save and pay for your family's life-long wellness.

Investing in your family

You can invest in a house, a business or superannuation, though your investments aren't much use if your family is not well. Health insurance makes sense for high income earners or those that have chronic illness, but for many young and healthy families, a VSPRY Health Saver is a smart way to invest in your most important asset - your family. Your family needs a health nest egg.

Start with a Health Saver

Just like a savings account, you deposit a regular amount and earn income on your Health Saver balance. You sleep safe knowing that VSPRY gives you the confidence and discipline to only spend your savings on health and wellness-related services.

100% Choice

You get to decide where to spend your Health Saver funds. Spend them on common procedures such as visits to the dentist, chiropractor, physio or optometrist.

Or, spend them at the gym, at a sporting club, at the vet for your pet, with a naturopath, or any other practitioner that in your opinion assists you and your family to live well.

Your Health Saver gives you the power to decide what wellness means to you. It's a health plan designed by you, for your family.


  • See your balance at any time
  • Search for transactions
  • Find a practitioner
  • Book with a practitioner
  • Pay a practitioner or ask us for a reimbursment
  • Add a household member
  • Get a quote for and purchase Hospital Cover

It's not insurance

Let's be really clear - you can only spend what you have saved in your Health Saver. If you incur a medical bill and you don't have enough savings in your Health Saver, you will need to fund the difference from another source.

However, the best part of this is that you are not funding someone else's healthcare, and you will only pay for what you use. Now you can have a health plan that covers services that you want for your family.

Optional Hospital Cover

If your income is more than $90,000 a year ($180,000 for families), it can make financial sense to buy Hospital Cover.

Not only can Vspry help you grow your Health Saver balance, we can also help you access affordable Hospital Cover with the added benefits of avoiding the Medicare Levy Surcharge, and avoiding wait-lists for elective surgery.

Read more about Hospital Cover options, which are issued by nib health funds limited.

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