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  • Vspry's purpose and strategy which is set by Vspry's board and executed by Vspry's executive team. The development of corporate strategy is delivered and crafted through Vspry's Purpose Statement. Vspry employees enliven Vspry's purpose underpinned through the development and nurturing of a sustainable organisational culture underpinned by Vspry's Ethics Statement and its Values Statement. 

  • Vspry's risk-bearing capacity, risk appetite and capital constraints. Risk occurs when Vspry pursues achievement of its objectives in what is an uncertain environment. Risk is measured in terms of likelihood and consequence.

  • Vspry's structures, accountabilities, responsibilities and delegations in a framework that is understood by all employees

  • Specific policies and procedures for managing the key risks that Vspry is exposed to

  • Operationalisation of governance and risk management including process descriptions, instructions, guidelines, standards, models, reporting and monitoring