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Where can I use Vspry?


Occasionally our pets get sick and it always seems to catch us off guard. Having funds available for these emergencies is essential.. You can use you account to pay for check-ups, medication and even therapy services. A great alternative to Pet Insurance that just makes good sense

Diet & Nutrition

Having good health is not just about exercise. What we put into our body also has a huge impact on our pyhscial and mental health. Many of us now opt for help and support with the decisions that we make in the kitchen. Your Vspry account will also cover such services. We are all about good health.


We all deserve the best in dental and oral health care, yet 30% of us currently go without regular dental care due to cost, unavailability of services and other barriers. Good oral health is fundamental to overall health and wellbeing, and without it, our quality of life and the ability to eat, speak and socialise is compromised, resulting in pain, discomfort and embarrassment

Cosmetics & Plastics

Vspry clients are looking for a way to fund a cosmetic/plastic procedure but have trouble saving the funds. With a Vspry Live Well plan, we can help you set goals & save for your dreams. You can also use your Vspry account for injectables and other treatments. that contribute to well-being.


We all deserve the best in primary eye health and vision care. Nearly 50% of us have or will encounter long-term eye conditions yet 90% of all vision impairment is preventable or treatable. Regular eye examinations are key to good health. With your Vspry account you can spend and earn on good eye health

NDIS Provider

We provide an avenue to manage holistic care through our state of the art app so you can implement the best care for others.

Alternative Therapies

Health consciousness encompasses a variety of factors that measure how concerned we are about maintaining good health. As we become more heath conscious  we look for alternative ways to stay well or maintain good health. Use your Vspry account for any Alternative service

Fitness & Gyms

Yoga? Bootcamp? Trail running? Weekend windsurfing? No matter what gets you up and moving we support you all the way. Use your Vspry account to purchase Gym memberships, fitness equipment and clothing and earn Voints. Investing in your health just got more rewarding.


Use your Vspry account to purchase your scripts or buy products from the Chemist. Don't forget that using your Vspry account will also entitle you to earn Voints which can then be redeemed for credit towards your next transaction.