Rewards Program

You can earn Voints at selected VSPRY merchants - rewards for investing in your health.

100 Voints equals $1 in value, so if you have accumulated 90 000 Voints, you have $900 in extra spending power to spend on health and wellness services at VSPRY merchants.

The amount you earn depends on the generosity of the merchant, but VSPRY encourages merchants to award at least 5 Voints for every $1 spent.


When a VSPRY merchant sends you a payment request to your VSPRY app, it will show you how many Voints that will be awarded to you upon payment.

Upon pressing the “Pay Now” button, you pay the health practitioner from your VSPRY Health Saver account.

Please note that not all VSPRY merchants offer Voints, as it is at the discretion of the merchant to award you with Voints. In some cases, a health practitioner may not be legally permitted to offer reward-type incentives, such as on the purchase of PBS-subsidised medicines.


Vspry Rewards Pty Limited is a special-purpose entity established to hold the liabilities associated with the Vspry Rewards program, delivering members of the program with confidence that future rewards obligations can be honoured.

Rewards Program Terms

Read the VSPRY Rewards Terms to learn more about the program.

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