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About Us


Dr David Hills


Mark Harper

Financial Services

Andre Perry


Vspry was founded on 15 January 2019, and is rapidly developing novel solutions to give you the best way to save and spend on your life-long health & wellness. Our solutions have a global reach, beyond our humble beginnings in Australia, with incredible technology to serve millions of people around the world.

David is a registered health practitioner with first hand experience of his patients not being able to afford or unable to access healthcare on fair or equitable terms. Andre and Mark offer complementary skills to David. Andre has held senior technology roles both in Australia and internationally. Mark brings the skills needed to lead and run a complex financial services business.


Michael Hamilton 

Strategy & Finance

Julie Mayer

Risk & Governance

Raewyn Bailey

People & Culture

Vspry Team

Nick Brown

Software Engineer

Porscha Harper

Service Leader

Dee Dinh

Software Engineer

Adam Stone

Software Engineer

Our Values

We value simplicity. In a world that is increasingly complex, we simplify the experiences of our customers

We value just. Whether it is owning a problem and resolving it, delivering upon an obligation that we have made both in form and substance, we deliver what is just. 

We value grit. We don’t seek the easy path. We look for the toughest challenges and we push. Our collective grit is a unique ingredient for our secret sauce.

We value adhocracy. We believe that the best ideas can come from anywhere. We ensure people of diverse backgrounds feel welcome, and can own the decisions that we make as a team.

We value adventure. We love innovating with a sense of

adventure. Sometimes we fail, but the adventure makes us smarter and spurs more innovation. We get back up and make the next adventure a better experience for our customers, so they can live well and be happy.