Control your future

Some things we just accept, because that’s how it’s always been. But the way it has been is not always the way it should be.

When your whole life’s in front of you, the last thing you want, is to be held back.

When it comes to the most important things — like your freedom, money and health — don’t let anyone stand in your way. Because this is your time. You’re old enough and wise enough to make your own decisions.

What if you could find a new and better way to take care of your health? A smarter choice that puts you in control. and lets you decide what’s best for you. A way to save, and to spend your own money on your well-being, with a safety net to fall back on.

It's a self-health plan, created for the generation that’s here, now. A generation with a future that will be brighter, and healthier, because it belongs to you.

It all starts with a Health Saver

Just like a bank account, you deposit a regular amount and earn income on your Health Saver balance.

You sleep safe knowing that V.SPRY gives you the confidence and discipline to only spend your savings on health and wellness-related services.

Choice of how and where you spend your money

You get to decide where to spend your Health Saver funds.

Spend them on common procedures such as visits to the dentist, chiropractor, physio or optometrist. Or, spend them at the gym, at a sporting club, at the vet for your pet, with a naturopath, or any other practitioner that in your opinion assists you to live well.

Your Health Saver gives you the power to decide what wellness means to you.

It's a health plan designed by you, for you.

Save and spend using our app

  • See your balance at any time
  • Search for transactions
  • Find a practitioner
  • Book with a practitioner
  • Pay a practitioner or ask us for a reimbursment
  • Add a household member
  • Use PayLater
  • Get a quote for and purchase nib Hospital Cover

It's a self-health plan

Let's be really clear - you can only spend what you have saved in your Health Saver.

If you incur a medical bill and you don't have enough savings in your Health Saver, you will need to fund the difference from another source.

However, the best part of this is that you are not funding someone else's healthcare, and you will only pay for what you use.

Now you can have a health plan that covers services that you want.

Manage surprise health bills with PayLater

We help to manage surprise family health and wellness expenses.

Subject to making application and Vspry approving your application, split the cost into equal instalments over an agreed number of fortnights or months, to ease the burden on your budget.

It's interest-free and fee-free, with no late fees. We want you to pay on time, but we don’t penalise you when you don’t. Depending upon how late you pay, the consequences of continued late payment will merely be your credit limit with us. We rely on your good nature to pay us back.

Choose your frequency and choose the number of instalments.

Optional Hospital Cover

If your income is more than $90,000 a year ($180,000 for families), it can make financial sense to buy low-cost hospital cover.

Not only can Vspry help you grow your Health Saver balance, we can also help you access affordable hospital cover with the added benefits of avoiding the Medicare Levy Surcharge, and avoiding wait-lists for elective surgery.

Read more about Hospital Cover options.

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