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©2019 Vspry Australia Limited ABN 41 631 026 330

AUSTRAC entity 100596167    AFCA member 70636

Level 19, 10 Eagle St Brisbane QLD Australia 4000

Phone 1800 934 185

Our Team

Vspry Founders

Dr David Hills

Health Practitioner

& Co-founder

Mark Harper

CEO & Co-founder

Andre Perry

CIO & Co-founder

Vspry was founded on 15 January 2019, and is rapidly developing a challenger solution to private health insurance built with technology that will serve millions of health consumers in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada.

David has two dental clinics in Queensland - one serving a very traditional working class suburban demographic that seek out routine dental care for the lowest price, and the second serving an aspirational demographic that seek out cosmetic dental care. David sees first hand everyday, patients not being able to afford or unable to access healthcare. The common denominator is that private health insurance doesn't work for them - it is too expensive and when they go to claim, they often are struck by the disappointment that they still have large out-of-pocket costs.

Andre and Mark offer complementary skills to David. Andre has held senior technology roles both in Australia and internationally. Mark brings the skills needed to lead and run a financial services business.

Board Members

Michael Hamilton 


Damien Rossi


Vspry Team

Nick Brown

Software Engineer

Dee Dinh

Software Engineer

Tanya Harper

Executive Assistant

Emily Daly

Digital Designer

Our Values

We value simplicity. In a world that is increasingly complex, we simplify the experiences of our customers

We value just. Whether it is owning a problem and resolving it, delivering upon an obligation that we have made both in form and substance, we deliver what is just. 

We value grit. We don’t seek the easy path. We look for the toughest challenges and we push. Our collective grit is a unique ingredient for our secret sauce.

We value adhocracy. We believe that the best ideas can come from anywhere. We ensure people of diverse backgrounds feel welcome, and can own the decisions that we make as a team.

We value adventure. We love innovating with a sense of

adventure. Sometimes we fail, but the adventure makes us smarter and spurs more innovation. We get back up and make the next adventure a better experience for our customers.