Virtual cards

Digitise your physical public or private health card fleet. Render cards across multiple domains with multiple authentication channels.

Millions of health consumers around the world have one or more physical health cards in their wallet, issued by public health agencies and private health insurance organisations. Despite ongoing digitisation efforts in other parts of the healthcare value chain, physical cards remain a stubborn reminder of analogue technology that is high cost and highly restrictive for healthcare organisations as they strive for efficiency.

Our solution

We can deploy a standalone virtual card solution in minutes, within a secure single-tenant public or private cloud environment, as a service. You only pay for the number of cards your customers activate.

We support multi-brand programmes, so we can render cards across multiple domains with multiple authentication channels, through a single licence agreement.

Your data

Our virtual card solution does not store data, and all requests and responses are handled on the basis that the data resides with the source and recipient according to your data exchange definitions.

As a result, our solution is extremely secure with the lowest possible attack surface, supporting unlimited levels of scale and performance for the largest card fleets.

Enabling tech

We adopt Google's BeyondCorp zero trust enterprise security model which allows for single sign-on, access control policies, access proxy, and user- and device-based authentication and authorisation.

The Virtual Card solution includes a serverless data warehouse that enables secure and scalable analysis over petabytes of data.

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