The Lay-buy module within the VSPRY Pluto Platform, enables your organisation to offer clients, a smart way to progressively pay, for a specific elective procedure, in advance of the procedure. Lay-buy is often a safer and more responsible alternative when compared to your customer borrowing money. Lay-buy works alongside of Pluto's e-Pay solution which enables your customers to pay for, and your practitioners to bill for healthcare, securely facilitated on payment rails that you own, not rent.

Ideal procedure types

  • Procedures not covered by public healthcare, or procedures that have long wait times for treatment.
  • Procedures that are not urgent, but are high cost. Cosmetic surgery and orthodontics are great examples.
  • Procedures that are not an impulse purchase. They tend to be highly planned and coordinated.

Client interface

The Pluto Platform offers a responsive mobile web app under your brand. Alternatively, you can use our api's to integrate Lay-buy into your existing mobile app.

Module comparison

Pluto ModuleCost RangeAge SegmentsProcedure TypesTime Horizon
Stash€20 - €2500018 to 70All proceduress, non-specific36 months +
Lay-buy€1000 - €1000018 to 50Elective, cosmetic, specific12 months
PayLater€100 - €100018 to 35Dentistry & OptomteryImmediate


Enabling tech

VSPRY adopts Google's BeyondCorp zero trust enterprise security model which allows for single sign-on, access control policies, access proxy, and user- and device-based authentication and authorisation. The VSPRY tech stack has 5 inter-connected components:

  • Core orchestrates all internal and external API calls, and manages access and security, and manages all software business logic.
  • Financial multi-currency financial ledgers offering atomicity and concurrency, with virtually unlimited scale.
  • Business product, process, business and customer management platform.
  • Application layer uses a single codebase to deploy a natively compiled, multi-platform user interface.
  • Warehouse offers a fully-managed, serverless data warehouse that enables scalable analysis over petabytes of data.


Our USP is that we make healthcare more accessible and affordable, by integrating healthcare funding solutions, healthcare record management, and healthcare marketplace technology, on a SaaS basis. For licensees of our technology, we remove the capital cost and project risk of building a similar solution internally which for many enterprises is outside of their area of expertise. We bring new sources of revenue, and deliver new customer experiences on a pay-per-user basis, enabling true retail healthcare.

Get in touch

Contact us via VSPRY CHAT or telephone us at our Australian office on +61 7 3184 4111, our United Kingdom office on +44 131 381 3939, or our Singapore office on +65 3129 3939, or schedule a meeting at


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