Regulatory Statement

Entities within the VSPRY Group (Group) are regulated directly or indirectly by a number of authorities in Australia, including:

  • Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC); and
  • Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC).

Vspry Australia Limited ABN 41 631 026 330 is also a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), which is a regulated external dispute resolution service.


The Group is founded on a high standard of governance and transparency. BDO Audit Pty Ltd ABN 33 134 022 870 acts as auditor, with a Directors Report and Financial Report published with ASIC annually.


Entities within the Group may be a ‘disclosing entity’ while they have 100 or more investors. A disclosing entity is subject to regular reporting and continuous disclosure requirements under the Corporations Act. You will be able to obtain from, or inspect at an ASIC office, copies of any documents lodged with ASIC in relation to a disclosing entity. If applicable, you may also obtain from Vspry, free of charge, copies of:

  • The most recent annual financial report lodged with ASIC;
  • Any half yearly financial report lodged with ASIC; and
  • Any continuous disclosure notices lodged with ASIC.

Some of these documents (including continuous disclosure notices) will also be available from our Disclosure page.


The Group's Governance Framework has 5 core components:

  • Our vision, mission and strategy is set by our board and executed by our executive team. A key foundation that underpins this, is our Customer Charter.
  • Our risk-bearing capacity, risk appetite and capital constraints - risk occurs when Vspry pursues achievement of its objectives in what is an uncertain environment. Risk is measured in terms of likelihood and consequence.
  • Our structures, accountabilities, responsibilities and delegations are in a framework that is understood by all employees.
  • Specific policies and procedures are place for managing the Group.
  • Operationalisation of governance and risk management across the Group is performed using process descriptions, instructions, guidelines, standards, models, reporting and monitoring.


VSPRY is committed to being a responsible and sustainable business. We are in business to create health prosperity for our customers, the community and the planet, by finding new and better ways for you to take care of your health, ways that put you in control, and lets you decide what’s best for you. We have a vision for a future that will be brighter, and healthier, because it belongs to you. Our mission and vision is at the core of our approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability (CRS). Please refer to our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Statement for more information.


When you trust VSPRY with your personal information, we know that you expect us to protect it and keep it safe. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Dispute Resolution

VSPRY is committed to resolution of any concerns or complaints quickly, fairly and efficiently. We welcome feedback and complaints as a positive means of reviewing and improving our business practices. All complainants will be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration. Please refer to our Dispute Resolution Policy for more information.


VSPRY is committed to paying our fair share of tax. Please refer to our Taxation Policy for more information about how we manage the risk of uncertain interpretation of tax laws or the failure to meet tax compliance obligations.


VSPRY is a subscriber to the Australian ePayments Code administered by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). The Code regulates consumer electronic payments, including ATM, EFTPOS and credit card transactions, online payments, internet and mobile banking, and BPAY.

Identity Matching

Vspry Australia Limited ABN 41 631 026 330 has been approved as a Business User of the Document Verification Service (DVS) by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. For more information about the DVS and Identity Matching, please refer to these Identity Matching FAQs.

Modern Slavery

VSPRY actively considers the risks that may possibly cause, contribute and/or be directly linked to modern slavery practices within our supply chain and within our employment practices. Please refer to our Modern Slavery Statement for more information.

R&D Partnerships

VSPRY is proud to be a Tier 3 Industry Partner to the CRC Longevity, which is being led by University of Queensland. The CRC Longevity brings private and public organisations together through world-class applied research and innovation. Learn more about the R&D partnership at our CRC Longevity page.

Corporate Structure

Ultimate Holding Company

Vspry International Limited ABN 59 631 026 027 is a public company registered in Australia, and the ultimate holding company for the Group. It owns 100% of the shares in Vspry Australia Limited (the operator of this website), Vspry Rewards Pty Limited, and Vspry Money Pty Limited. Vspry International owns the Vspry trademarks and all intellectual property within the Group.

Vspry Australia Limited

Vspry Australia Limited ABN 41 631 026 330 is a public company registered in Australia, and employs all the staff within the Group in Australia. Vspry Australia is the manager and administrator of the Vspry Live Well Trust. Vspry Australia also provides marketing services to merchants, administrative services to Vspry Rewards Pty Limited, and administrative services to Vspry Money Pty Limited.

Vspry Rewards Pty Limited

Vspry Rewards Pty Limited ABN 88 638 677 595 is a private company registered in Australia, and a special-purpose entity established to hold the liabilities associated with the Vspry Rewards program, delivering members of the program with confidence that Vspry's future rewards obligations can be honoured.

Vspry Money Pty Limited

Vspry Money Pty Limited ABN 88 638 831 857 is a private company registered in Australia, and a special-purpose entity established to fund and operate the Vspry PayLater instalment product.

Vspry Live Well Trust

The Vspry Live Well Trust ARSN 639 486 132 with ABN 61 785 404 255, is a registered retail managed investment trust. The Responsible Entity and trustee is Kinsmen Securities Limited ABN 50 100 139 820, whom holds Australian Financial Services Licence number 222650.

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