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Key Documents

This policy explains how we handle and manage your personal information.



Details the financial services offered, advice limitations, fees  & dispute resolution.

Financial Services Guide

Details key product features, benefits and risks associated with the Vspry Live Well Trust.

Product Disclosure Statement

Details the terms and conditions of the relationship between Vspry and merchants.



Details how the Vspry Live Well Trust is governed and operated including responsibilities.

Vspry Live Well

Trust Constitution

Eating Salad

Details key product features, fees, commissions, benefits and risks.

General Terms and Conditions

Leasing a Home

This policy explains how we handle and manage disputes and complaints.

Dispute Resolution Policy

Details how Vspry is structured and governed, in order to achieve its objectives.

Corporate Governance

Details the key requirements for those parties authorised to use the Vspry trademarks.



Details what you will be covered for if you decide to purchase nib Hospital Cover.

nib Hospital Cover Policy Booklet

Details how nib health funds limited, manage the fund for the benefit of its members.

nib Health Fund Rules

Details the nib Hospital Cover product features and the levels of cover.

nib Hospital Cover Product Information

Image by Olga Guryanova

Outlines the terms and conditions for nib Hospital Cover direct debits 

nib Direct Debit Agreement

Smiling Businesswoman

Repository of Vspry's regulatory reports and continuous disclosure notices

Continuous Disclosure Notices