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Digital transformation in lending

The personal and business lending industry is experiencing seismic change, as the advance of cloud technology, rapidly changing customer expectations and increased competition apply pressure on traditional lending models.

Meanwhile, more and more customers are moving their financial transactions online. This generational shift in financial services has impacts across all channels and services: branch, broker, and online models are all under pressure to deliver and innovate in an increasingly competitive environment. A fundamental change in consumer behaviour is setting new expectations of lending products and services. Customers are demanding ease of use, 24x7 availability, real-time data and analytics, exceptional customer support, full visibility of all products, and more.

Buy Now Pay Later: Is the boom over or just starting?
BNPL started with specialist operators like Klarna, Affirm and Afterpay. Now its a mainstream feature for many banks and brands. Boom times ahead?

Cloud-native loan origination and servicing

VSPRY's cloud-native loan origination and servicing platform empowers your company to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as a public, private, or hybrid cloud. Containers, service meshes, micro-services, immutable infrastructure, and declarative APIs are at the core of our platform, enabling a loosely coupled system that is resilient, manageable, and observable. Combined with robust automation, your company can make high-impact changes frequently and predictably with minimal toil.

Digital signatures: how they work and why they’re vital.
Demystifying digital signatures, exploring how they work and their significant role in ensuring security and authenticity in the online world.

Immutable infrastructure

Each application instance functions as a virtual machine or container. Scalability is achieved via automation – instances are created on demand and destroyed when no longer needed. If one fails to work, a new instance is automatically provisioned for replacement. Our platform embraces immutable infrastructure and offers automatic scaling, self-healing, and zero downtime.

Immutable infrastructure benefits and best practices.
Infrastructure as code enables version control, repeatability, and automation, making managing and deploying infrastructure changes easier.

Product engine

Build lending products in an agile, truly cloud-native way. Configure functionality intuitively, accelerate and simplify integration and maintain new product catalogues without complex customisation.

Designing and implementing AI-based credit scoring.
Key principles, best practices, and strategies that will empower you to design and implement a cutting-edge AI-driven credit scoring system.

Atomic, centralised multi-ledger

Consolidate multiple ledger systems and manage the customer account ledger system along with your general ledger. VSPRY’s infinitely scalable cloud platform allows you to manage the growth of transactions and accounts in an atomic, efficient and scalable way.

The backbone of financial transactions is atomic.
The importance of ACID transactions, their role in atomic financial transaction processing, and the benefits they bring to the financial sector.

Loan origination out-of-the-box

Configure application forms for superior user experience and higher conversion rates. Adjust your credit scorecard to meet your business needs and risk parameters. Reach new customer segments with alternative credit scoring techniques. Integrate with your preferred credit bureau, third-party services, and data providers. Brand your entire lending platform with our simple white-label process.

We provide the foundation. You compose your perfect lending business.

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