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Our mission is to revolutionise the financial services industry by providing cutting-edge technology solutions that enable banking, finance and insurance companies to serve their customers better. We are committed to helping our clients accelerate their digital transformation journey while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance. With our innovative fintech platform, we aim to empower financial institutions to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive business growth.

Our why

Founded in Australia in 2019 by Mark Harper, Andre Perry and Dr David Hills, our mission initially was to improve financial inclusion by helping people fund their healthcare through innovative financial solutions delivered with agile technology.

Our mission evolved in 2021 after a visit to Asia which revealed a much bigger challenge to financial inclusion which in our view is best solved by incumbent banks and insurers, empowered by financial technology.

Our team

Our team is comprised of industry experts with years of experience in fintech, banking, and insurance. We are passionate about developing technology to enhance customer experiences and streamline processes for financial institutions. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, our team works tirelessly to drive digital transformation for our clients.

Our tech

Our tech is cloud native and API-centric, which allows you to get up and running quickly with a platform that unifies core, digital, data, and analytics—and guidance from a team of banking, insurance and cloud experts.

Our pre-packaged implementations are designed to minimise configuration, with more provided out-of-the-box. We help you reduce integration complexity and enable quicker upgrades with an all-in-one designed core.

Our mindset

Our mindset is all about speed, pragmatism, security and benefits realisation.

You expect us to help you accelerate product launches, digitise manual processes, and improve the quality of the engagement you have with your customers and agents.

A win-win for both parties.


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vspry enables financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation journey to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive business growth.