CRS statement

vspry is committed to being a responsible and sustainable business, evidencing corporate responsibility and sustainability.

VSPRY is committed to being a responsible and sustainable business, evidencing corporate responsibility and sustainability (CRS).

We aim to make a positive impact on our customers, employees, wider society and the environment through:

1. Social inclusion through smart technology

We are in business to revolutionise the financial services industry by providing cutting-edge technology solutions that enable banking, finance and insurance companies to serve their customers better. We are committed to helping our clients accelerate their digital transformation journey while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance. With our innovative fintech platform, we aim to empower financial institutions to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive business growth..

2. Being a place where people love to work

Our people are vital to our success. We promote a positive working environment that engages and a diverse and inclusive culture that engages and empowers people with the right tools, training, information, recognition and reward. Our Values and our Code of Conduct set clear expectations to protect our customers, our employees, our partners and VSPRY, now and in the future.

3. Conducting our business ethically

With a strong purpose across the organisation, our business is designed to help our people make the right choices. More broadly, we aim to develop a culture which emphasises serving the interests of customers and upholding internal controls including policies and regulations. We have performance management, risk management, audit, and governance processes in place. In 2020, We also released our inaugural Modern Slavery Statement, and published our Family Violence Statement, and our Reconciliation Statement.

4. Engaging with our communities

We have a range of ways to support our community, and balancing the interests of our people, and outcomes for communities aligned with the purpose of our business. These include:

  • Employee Volunteering – working with community organisations to increase economic participation;
  • Helping people make better financial decisions;
  • Helping people by being there when it matters most to them; and
  • Helping people create a prosperous, healthy planet.

5. Making a positive impact on the environment

Climate change is a health and financial concern, and we play an active part in promoting positive environmental practices. These include:

  • We are a 100% paperless business;
  • We promote the use of sustainable energy sources;
  • We locate our offices close to public transport; and
  • We take extra steps to ensure that our electronic waste is recycled.